innovatION-s at the AWT

David Schödel and Hanna Rosentreter at their presentations at AWT

The project innovatION was presented at the "15th Aachener Tagung Wassertechnologie - ATW" with two lectures on laboratory results as well as on flow and process modeling with selective desalination. Hanna Rosentreter presented selective desalination as a function of various process and material parameters. With the help of suitable process settings and the novel selective membranes, desalination can thus be carried out preferentially for monovalent ions. David Schödel presented the tracer experiments to validate the flow model and discussed the model approaches for process modeling.

Project partners from elkoplan Staiger GmbH and the Oldenburgisch-Ostfriesischer Wasserverband were also represented at the AWT. The AWT was a suitable platform for discussing the results of selective desalination and modeling with national scientists and users.