Presentation of the experimental results of the UOL in Lyon and Halle

Logo and pictures of poster and presentation in Lyon and Halle

Presentation of the experimental results of the UOL at the Goldschmidt Conference (Lyon) and the German Soil Science Conference (Halle)

At this year's international geochemical conference Goldschmidt from 09.07. - 14.07.2023 in Lyon, Laura Bräunig presented the results obtained by means of column experiments on the mobilization of arsenic during the infiltration of a monovalent partially desalinated water in the form of a poster. The lively exchange during the poster session showed clear international interest in this targeted and more energy-efficient desalination process. The temporary reduction of arsenic transport under the influence of the ionic strength and the chemical composition of the infiltration water showed a clear advantage for the use of monovalent partially desalinated water for potential artificial groundwater recharge. The network with international scientists working on similar studies was also expanded, leading to a better understanding of the process.

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The participation and a presentation by Laura Bräunig at the German Soil Science Conference in Halle from 02.09. - 08.09.2023 achieved a better understanding of the dune development and properties of the sands of the potential recharge site Langeoog, which have an impact on the geochemical reactions during artificial groundwater recharge. Interest in the approach of combining desalination and artificial groundwater recharge to ensure groundwater quality and quantity in Germany also became clear.