Presentation of the innovatION project and modelling outcomes at the 13th ESEE

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From June 26th – 29th, the 13th European Symposium on Electrochemical Engineering ("ESEE") was held in Toulouse, France. The research areas represented range from energy storage and resource recovery to hydrogen and desalination technologies and fundamental electrochemical mechanisms at the nanoscale. In the session on electrochemical separation technology, the innovatION project was represented as a desalination technology. In his presentation, David Schödel outlined the methodology of the project-accompanying modelling and discovered outcomes, as well as some results from the laboratory experiments, which raise new questions for the modelling. In the subsequent discussion, interest was directed towards the principle of mMCDI and the membranes used, and other participants shared interesting experiences from their own projects in upscaling electrochemical desalination processes.

An abstract of the presentation can be found as download: