WAVE II: Invitation to the status conference

Invitation picture of the DECHEMA e.V. for the status conference

On 7th and 8th February 2023, the status seminar of the BMBF funding measure "Water Technologies: Reuse" will take place in Frankfurt am Main at DECHEMA e.V.

The funding measure aims to develop innovative technologies, operational concepts and management strategies for water reuse and desalination. Thirteen collaborative projects focus on the following topics

  •     "Water reuse through the utilisation of treated municipal wastewater"
  •     "Recycling of industrially used water" and
  •     "Treatment of saline groundwater and surface water".

The aim of the status seminar is to present the current results of the collaborative projects of the funding measure after two years of transdisciplinary research at various locations in Germany. In addition, the activities on application-relevant and cross-cutting issues of the WavE II cross-sectional topics will be presented. As part of the seminar results of the collaborative project innovatION will be presented.

The two-day conference offers users and interested participants from industry, politics, administration, science as well as federal and state authorities the opportunity to learn more about the current findings.

Participation is free of charge.

To register for the status seminar, please use the following link: