Testing plant in operation

The picture shows a part of the testing plant. On a plastic plate several soleniod valves, related p

Finishing our testing plant in laboratory scale is one of the first greater milestones achieved. DEUKUM GmbH manufactured the electrodes and assembled the plant, elkoplan staiger GmbH provided the electrical installation. In January, the plant was delivered to Technische Universität Dresden, Chair of Process Engineering in Hydro Systems.

Equipped with a preliminary test cell, the plant is now in operation. Two separate sections of measurement prior and subsequent to the cell allow the monitoring of several parameters, e. g. electrical conductivity, pH, temperature and pressure during the experiments. For a later analysis, all collected data is logged automatically. The implemented control from elkoplan staiger GmbH allows operating the plant either on site or by remote connection.

Besides the laboratory experiments, new monoselective MCDI-Cells are being developed and manufactured. Those cells will be tested in future laboratory experiments to evaluate their performance. The results and findings help to develop and build the test plant in pilot scale and define operational parameters for it.